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AGA Cooker Venting Options

AGA Cookers Venting Options :

  There are 3 venting options which will accommodate virtually any design situation.
   Option 1 - Standard Flue

Attractive black enamel pipe* vents cooker up through cabinets, ceiling or through wall chase.

* Visible, exposed pipe is black enamel. Any pipe within cabinets, walls, or roof must be a doubled wall B-vent per local codes. Black pipe for standard flue applications is purchased separately from your AGA dealer.
   Option 2 – Direct Vent or Balanced flue

Most commonly used for AGAs that are installed on exterior walls. Cooker vents directly out the back of unit and through wall. No visible pipe.
   Option 3- Power vent

Allows for island installations of AGA Cooker or other wall applications where pipe is not desirable. Similar to a downdraft in concept, the power vent runs off a small electric fan and can be vented through cabinet toe spaces, floor joists, out the back or side of the Cooker.