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Bakeware & Roasting Pans

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Baking Trays & Cookie Sheets

Baking & Roasting Pans



Baking Trays & Cookie Sheets - These trays are made especially for your AGA in hard anodized aluminum and fit on the runners of your AGA ovens just like your roasting pans. Available in full and half sheets.

Baking & Roasting Pans - How many times have you wished you had an extra few of these on hand? AGA Roasting pans are available in Stainless Steel or Hard Anodized Aluminum, (like the ones that came with your AGA), in both full and half sizes.

Bake-O-Glide - One of England's best kept secrets now available in North America. Washable & Reusable liners that line your pans and bakeware. Available in 1 meter lengths that you cut to size, or a starter pack has precut pieces to instantly fit your pans.