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The AGA Cooker PrincipleToday's conventional stoves, that most of us in the USA grew up with, evolved in an age of inexpensive and abundant fuels. Mass manufactured of thin metal and lightweight insulation, they are dependent on direct heat from a gas flame or electric element.

Because they are always "cycling" to try and maintain the desired temperature, they require constant monitoring and frequent adjustments. The results of this is dry, direct heat that removes the food's moisture, flavor, nutrition.

Because the AGA works on the principle of stored heat, your food's moisture, flavor, texture, nutrients, and appearance are retained.

The massive castings that make up the combustion unit, ovens, doors and hotplates act as accumulators, storing just the right amount of heat in that "station" for its intended function, consistently and without cycling, day and night. The AGA is always ready when you are. Yet due to superb insulation, this ingenious cooker loses very minimal heat into your kitchen, making it infinitely cooler to work at than any other conventional stove or oven.

Also, because cast iron stores heat so effectively, it takes very little fuel to maintain its temperature. Even though the AGA is on 24 hours each day, it is remarkably fuel efficient, often using less fuel than an ordinary stove that is constantly turned on and off, repeatedly heating up and then quickly losing its heat. Theoretically, the more you use your AGA, the more economical it becomes!

Temperature control is fully automatic, no knobs or dials. How then, would you get high or low heat, fast or slow cooking? Quite simply, the AGA is a combination of several different cooking zones or stations, each with different heat levels. Instead of constantly adjusting the settings of the burners and ovens to individual foods, you simply move the foods to the appropriate hotplates or ovens. The result is fully automatic, carefree cooking of multiple dishes at one time. You can slow things down or speed them up simply by moving the food to a "slower or faster" oven. The AGA will take care of many cooking functions simultaneously while you are free to use your valuable time elsewhere, be it with your guests or simply a good book!

The AGA is extraordinary. It is no wonder why this easy to use, do everything, virtually mistake-proof cooker is considered by top cooking professionals and discriminating cooks to be the definitive stove.